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International Exports Acceleration Company Get in Touch With the World A successful business in today's market requires serious moves based on "knowledge of the target market" and "capital in hand". About Us This is a transformation in sales! Sell ​​your products to the international market Strong advertising and content with a thorough and attractive design can make your product a winner in today's competitive environment. Our Projects How do we work? Call for more information Our collective goal is to provide you all that is needed to sell your product. Our Services Need advice? Saturday to Thursday | 8 to 18 A successful business in today's market requires serious moves based on "knowledge of the target market" and "capital in hand". Contact US

International Team

The international marketer’s network is based in destination countries that help us have easy access to the global market. This is an incredible opportunity for our businesses to grow and a step forward towards global market integration.

Content Creation

It is an exciting prospect for us to have direct liasion with our overseas’ business partners and to develop and maintain robust link with the global market. Today, we are like neighbors to our customers and produce promotional content for foreign products in different languages

Counseling and training

The company seeks to make inroads in the international market to avail all available opportunities and then share the experience and learnings. Highly experienced professionals and experts are available to give clients complete counseling regarding international trade.

Our mission

Exploring, discovering, and utilizing opportunities for private and public sector in the global market to establish sustainable channels of communication and business relations for easy and effective access to target markets in Iran while managing and conducting market research, promotional events, marketing, customer relations, sales, and management by producing suitable content for customers in Iranian market in the context of smart IT infrastructure.


Our comprehensive business knowledge and acumen enables us to create new markets by providing our customers business facilities. Pertinently, our vast commercial experience suggests that many factors are involved in creating a successful export structure that can bring the exporter closer to target markets to provide a sustainable sales path for the exporter. It can be done by having thorough market knowledge, experience, and communication that we have been trying to handle, so that we can create a successful and exciting export experience for our overseas customers by providing them such services.

Market of Iran Digital Marketing, Field Marketing, Agency Services, Business Events, Promotional Content

Market of Iran

Promotional Content

Creating promotional content in native language facilitates and expedites communication with target markets. It leads to mutual understanding and allows a customer to become a key player in the market which is an important element in the marketing field.

Digital Marketing

A simple, low-cost, and effective solution for introducing products, services, and capabilities. You need to have sustainable infrastructure that will provide you direct and quick access for communication.

Field Marketing

Face-to-face advertising and direct presence in the target market is the most classic form of advertisement, where a smart marketing manager manages the environment and takes you closer to the goal, thus its importance is not hidden from any seller.

media advertisements

Creating appropriate content tailor made for customer’s tastes and then publishing it in local target markets is a common solution to the marketing plan. Research studies suggest that it is the most significant and influential technique to attract market share.


Knowledge is a continuous process of learning. Scientists, active in the field, are always the pioneers of global market. And, in order to play a significant role in global market, they must equip themselves with updated knowledge and requirement amid tough competition.

Franchise Agency Services

The ultimate goal of every vendor is to build a sustainable regional sales base that manages the market share of the product and improves the flow of sales. This can be done with smart techniques and strategies.

Exports Consultancy

Nowadays it is extremely important to have an authentic source of information about target markets and the export management processes, which can provide psychological security to vendors and exporters.

Business Events

Business events and get-togethers are beneficial for corporate outfits in numerous ways. Whether it is a company’s internal event, participating in an event or conducting an event for your clientele, such gatherings pack tons of benefits for a business of any scale.
International Exports Acceleration Company

About Us

International Exports Acceleration Company is founded by a group of experienced and highly-motivated individuals with proven field expertise. The main objective of this enterprise is to establish independent avenues with direct access to the global market. It seeks to facilitate export of goods and services to customers and merchants in target countries without any intermediaries.

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team members

Dr. Mostafa Motahari


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Ali Ghaffarian

Office Managing Director

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Mohammad Mirzakhani

Technical Manager

An experienced information technology specialist with a prominant history of working in cultural and IT organizations. Skilled in software...

Mohsen Rezaeei

Marketing Expert of Iran

10 years professional experience in sales, marketing and distribution. Marketing Manager at International Exports Acceleration Company-IEACO

Amir Rafiei

Financial Manager

After academic training and work experience in areas of planning, organizing, directing, Administrative and Governmental Affairs and taking necessary...

Vahid Kia


From bygone era to present day, advertising has played an important role in influencing attitude of audience. In this...

Mahmoud Bejvani

web developer

An energetic and imaginative professional with 10 years of professional work experience in web design, content management and UI....

Meraj Etemadi

Marketing Expert of Iran

My goal as a marketing expert at IEACO is to understand needs of my esteemed clients and colleagues in...

Arezoo Nikmehr

Digital Marketing Expert

Bachelor of Software Engineering from Damghan university

Ishtiaq Hussain Turi

Marketing Manager of Pakistan

A budding economist and a digital marketing expert with a knack for technological innovations. Has three year field experience...