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Ali Ghaffarian - Market of Iran

Ali Ghaffarian

Ali Ghaffarian

Office Managing Director

Success has different and complex definitions. The most common notion of success is a vertical ladder that rises from the bottom and reaches the pinnacle of victory. Nonetheless, the truth is something else.

Success is not just a longitudinal set like a ladder; it is transverse and a combination of coordination and simultaneous moves at several points. Success is not an upward movement—it is a timely move forward. Like a ticking clock, a factory, or even a regular home where success comes when all members work together to achieve specific goals such as carefully designed gears.

I have years of experience in project management, school management, academic planning and making TV programs with the help of my strong academic background in engineering and macro systems management. A specific routine of daily study to get acquainted with modern day techniques that keeps a system purposeful for timely moving forward. Wishing success to all.


Project Management 90%
Communication 90%
System Thinking 90%
English 100%