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Iran announces ban on export of certain agro products - Market of Iran

Iran announces ban on export of certain agro products

Iran announces ban on export of certain agro products

The Iranian government has announced ban on export of different agricultural products and was handed over to the six-member committee. According to the approved law:

The only way to impose ban on agro product export is when the six-member committee vote against the product.
Answering the question about which institution will form the committee, it was answered:

The secretariat of this committee would be at the Trade Development Organization. And, its members include the agricultural industry, mining industry, Trade and economics, Planning and Budget Organization and the Chamber of Commerce.

The six members of the committee can impose ban on agricultural product if they vote against the product. But there is a precondition that exporter of the product should be informed and notify one month ahead of imposing ban on his product. However, it is not important to wait for 30 days if there is some kind of an urgency, or in a situation where some immediate measures are necessary to be taken.

Mr. Bakhshandeh further added:  “When large amount of agricultural production is exported to other countries then this would consequently result in the shortage of the product in domestic market. Thus, it will ultimately lead to an increase in prices in domestic market. Hence, government imposes duty on export products to keep balance in the local market.”

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