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Exploring potential export markets in 150 countries - Market of Iran

Exploring potential export markets in 150 countries

Exploring potential export markets in 150 countries

International Exports Acceleration Company (IEACO) is one the first platforms for shaping and facilitating the country’s export mechanism. This enterprise has been providing services to small and large producers and entrepreneurs after years of research and experience in practical field.

The IEACO platform identifies target markets for exporting Iranian goods and services and discovers independent avenues to get direct access to the global market.  Besides, the enterprise advertise and promote international products in Iran to give them easy access to the Iranian markets.  The IEACO smart platform works in both way and bring importer and exporter on the same page.

The IEACO enterprise has launched a project in around 150 countries over the world. Taking IEACO Public Relation report in to account, outcomes of this project will be discussed to manufacturers and exporters. Likewise, export solutions will be provided successively.

The IEACO enterprise Public Relation report about two countries, Nigeria and Pakistan, has been dispersed as listed below:

Nigerian market

The following commodities are desperately demanded in Nigerian market:



Construction Products Cosmetic Electronic Products Industrial Engineering Products
Building Materials Pharmaceuticals Computer Vehicle tracker
Wallpaper Makeup Material Mobile Phone Generators
Interlock Makeup Tools Mobile and Computer Accessories Machinery
Other Electronic Products

The following table is a list of goods that can be imported  from Nigeria:


Food Items Non-Food Items
peanut Charcoal
Ginger ‍‍ Cotton
Garlic Coal
Heart of Palm Gemstones
Sesame Leather
Honey Raw Hides, Skins
Sweet Potato
Chili Pepper
Tiger Nuts
Moringa Beans
Okra Leaf


Pakistani Market

The introductory list of exported products to Pakistani market are given below. The report is based on the items exported to Pakistani and also by conducting a survey in Pakistani markets.

The IEACO survey team prepared report based on people of Pakistan taste and their preferences towards an item.

Food Items Industrial Engineering Products Fuel and Petrochemical Products Structural Products and Metals Chemical Products Therapeutic Medicine
Date Cold Box L.P.G Ceramic Commercial Sodium Carbonate Medical Equipment
Chocolate Grill Asphalt Perlite Calcium Carbonate Disposable Surgical Gowns
Fruit Juice Crush Machine Brimstone Aluminium Calcium Carbonate Therapeutic Equipment
Pistachio Pipe Other Metals Washing Powder
Cheese Granular plastic (PVC,PPRC)
Pasta, Noodles Coal
Olive Oil Coke


For further information and inquires you can contact the given number: 86050460-86050450

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