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The most important export items to Syria - Market of Iran

The most important export items to Syria

The most important export items to Syria

Syria is an Arab country in the Middle East with population over 18 million people, and an area of 185,180 square kilometers. Syria is one of the top 40 countries ranked by the Trade Promotion Organisation of Iran of Iran—first priority and a destination market for Iranian enterprises.

Major agricultural products

Wheat, Barley, Cotton, Lentils, Peas, Olives, Sugar Beet; Beef, Sheep, Chicken, Milk

Major items imported from the world in 2016

Electrical Equipment & Supplies, Audio & Video Recorders, Broadcasters, Television, Other Vehicles & Accessories, Plastic, Mechanical Devices, Home Reactors, Steam Boilers; Sugar, Fats, animals and vegetable oil, coffee, tea, spices, cereals, flour and steel, pharmaceuticals, tobacco.

Major exporting countries to Syria in 2016:

Russia :22%

Turkey :20%

China:  11.3%

After publishing a research report regarding Pakistan and Nigeria , in this article we want to discuss Syrian market and below we mention items demanded in Syrian market.


Food Items Home Appliances Medical Equipment Medical Consumables Hospital Equipment Power Industry
Sugar Types of Radiator Vital signs monitoring device, Central Ventilator and Suction Types of Syringes


Types of hospital beds types of electrical industry equipment
Tea Types of steel and aluminum radiators Special Ambulances and Relief Vehicles Types of Medical catheters General ICU & CCU Beds Metal Light Tower
Rice types of steel water boilers and cast-iron heat pan Types of medical suction All Kinds of Medical Bags Trolleys Chassis types
Fats and Vegetable Oil   Stretcher Types Surgical and examinations gloves Closets Street Lights
Cereals Resuscitation and First aid Equipment Surgical Suture Needles Hospital Hotel facilities Fluorescent Office Lights
    All kinds of fixing equipment Dialysis Filter   Indoor pool lights
    Oxygen therapy set Blood Bags   LED signal light

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