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About US - Market of Iran

About US


The ultimate goal of the International Exports Acceleration Company is to establish a trading center based around the world to manage and facilitate Iranian exports and imports in today’s global market which pursues the following objectives:

  • Establishing a network of international marketers
  • Development of marketing management infrastructure
  • Training international marketers
  • Familiarity of Iranian businesses with the export process and global market
  • Promoting international brands in the Iranian market
  • Expedient access to the Iranian markets and products

Our mission

Exploring, discovering, and utilizing opportunities for private and public sector in the global market to establish sustainable channels of communication and business relations for easy and effective access to target markets in Iran while managing and conducting market research, promotional events, marketing, customer relations, sales, and management by producing suitable content for customers in Iranian market in the context of smart IT infrastructure.

:. Numbers don't lie .:

A successful business in today’s market requires serious moves based on ‘’knowledge of the target market’’ and “capital in hand”. It is a fact is that only a high quality of a product will not necessarily lead to high sell volume. However, with successful marketing, proper introduction of the product, and most importantly its easy access to the consumer may turn things around. Besides, strong advertising and appropriate content with a thorough and attractive design can make your product a winner in today’s competitive market.

Destination countries

Join us

The International Exports Acceleration Company has a natural perspective system which can absorb the necessary talent and flair, and willing to start working with them and executes this as follows:

  1. If you are passionate and have talent but don’t have enough knowledge in the field of international trade and marketing see the tutorial and join us…
  2. If you have the ability and aptitude in the field of international trade and marketing then visit the collaboration section and select one of the options listed and join us…
  3. If you are a tech expert and capable to help us in building a marketing platform or if you have a specific executive idea in this purview then join us…
  4. If you have special skills in the creation of digital content or digital marketing then join us…

For collaboration click the link given and fill the form. Our colleagues will contact you.

Dr. Mostafa Motahari


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Ali Ghaffarian

Office Managing Director

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Mohammad Mirzakhani

Technical Manager

An experienced information technology specialist with a prominant history of working in cultural and IT organizations. Skilled in software...

Mohsen Rezaeei

Marketing Expert of Iran

10 years professional experience in sales, marketing and distribution. Marketing Manager at International Exports Acceleration Company-IEACO