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Field Marketing - Market of Iran

Field Marketing

Field Marketing:

Face-to-face advertising and having a direct presence in the target market is the most classic form of advertisement. Where a smart marketing manager manages the environment and takes you closer to the goal thus its importance is not hidden from any seller.

Market Research

Successful impact on the market only depends on having adequate and correct information about the market because market research gives us the correct information about customers, competitors and the different industries working around in the market. Market research is basically the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information about a market, product or service that is supposed to be supplied. The market research also includes a study of product or service history, potential customers and powerful competitors, buying habits, features, needs, and location of the target market. Ample marketing strategies such as market segmentation, customer-centric development, and competitor analysis are not possible without proper market research. This, International Export Acceleration Company (IEACO), with the help of the esteemed expert, will conduct market research for you in Iran in a strict and principled manner and will find the target market for you to sell efficiently and successfully

Attending International Exhibitions

Attending international exhibitions and face-to-face marketing with target market experts is still one of the most effective and efficient marketing methods. By choosing an appropriate exhibition at the right time, accredited participation or even by visiting it, can give you good results in expanding the market and finding international buyers. Arranging a successful international exhibition is not an easy task. The International Export Acceleration Company (IEACO) with services such as stall design, clothing design, banner design, policy design, customer relationship management, recruitment of the receptionists, designing presence and marketing policies at the exhibition makes it more purposeful. And, eventually providing all market information at the exhibition including the information of the customers and competitors present at the International Fair not only make it professional but also successful. The services are not limited to the exhibition environment itself. If you want to book your airline ticket and hotel, or even the management of specialized tours of the industries and factories that are related to your business is also part of the service during the time of the exhibition.

Capillary marketing

In this digital era, purchases are being done by one click. However, still, many of our interactions with real-world clients occur face-to-face. In fact, as long as there is customer presence in the markets, there is a good position for capillary marketing. Capillary marketing is primarily the process of delivering the product capillary to the customer. This is done by local marketers. In international trade, the presence of a marketer in a targeted country’s market, as for overseas it is Iran, is a matter of significant importance. Capillary marketers have different responsibilities, including introducing and displaying products, testing products, replacing and recovering, etc. The main goal of capillary marketing is to find links and clues to sell the product where discoveries of purchasing trends have taken place. We offer such services for international enterprises in Iran.


Advertising in local publications

International trade is possible when the targeted country’s market is well familiar with your product. The International Export Acceleration Company (IEACO) by discovering the local publications of the country, targets the market and categorizes them in various topics and products. It allows you to advertise your product to have a purposeful and effective promotion in Iran.

Field Advertising

The goal of the field advertising is to use all the environmental capabilities to promote and sell your product. Banner ads and billboards can be found from a variety of environmental promotions. In this type of advertising, the design of the advertisement and the location of the advertisement is of great importance. One bad or unprofessional advertisement may perform in a completely opposite direction. Or, if a beautiful advertisement is installed on a billboard that is not in the right place, it will not be sufficiently impressive. Environmental advertising, while expensive, but if done correctly, will be one of the most successful and effective types of advertisement. With good and accurate advertising on billboards or installing banners at the right place in the Iran’s targeted market, introduce your product to ensure an increase in your product sales.

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