IEACO Enterprise Presence at International Home Furniture Exhibition

The 28th International Exhibition of Home Furniture (HOMEX) kicked off on Tuesday August 06, 2019 in the presence of deputy ministers of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade at Tehran International Permanent Fairground.

International Exports Acceleration Company (IEACO) presence made it possible to conduct the International Home Furniture Fair with the participation of esteemed furniture manufacturers and exporters nationwide.

International Exports Acceleration Company (IEACO) consultants and activists attended the HOMEX Expo to get in touch and communicate directly with active industrialists to introduced them with IEACO enterprise services in order to work together in the areas of mutual interest and benefit.

More than 300 active domestic companies showcased their latest products pertaining to all types of table and chairs, classic sofas, modern and convenient sofas, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, kids and youth furniture, all types of showcases and other related products. Moreover, the exhibition was held in an area of ​​over 40,000 square meters.

IEACO enterprise is one of the fist companies active in modeling and delivering large-scale solutions in international trade and marketing. Currently, we are working on bringing more and more domestic industries to jump into international trade arena and providing them exports consultancy and other related services.

Various export firms are collaborating with IEACO enterprise to get benefit from our exciting international trade services to work collectively in the areas of mutual interest.

Let’s bridge the world with IEACO.