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Promotional Content

Promotional Content:

Our comprehensive business knowledge and acumen enables us to create new markets by providing our customers business facilities. Pertinently, our vast commercial experience suggests that many factors are involved in creating a successful export structure that can bring the exporter closer to target markets to provide a sustainable sales path for the exporter. It can be done by having excessive market knowledge, experience, and communication that we have been trying to handle, so that we can create a successful and exciting export experience for our overseas customers by providing the following services:

Translation and Recreation

If you have got any promotional content for your product, you have gone half way. We translate your advertising into Persian language in your targeted country, Iran, and even change it and adapt it to the taste and habits of the local consumers. The first and most important step in selling products in overseas markets is the appropriate advertisement for your product. Our specialists will recreate all of your product’s promotional content, including your site, brochure, catalog, logo, banner, and even your brand to get your product fully tailored to the taste of the local market audience in Iran.

Video Advertising

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. No matter how beautifully you articulate in words or make a catalog it may have little or no impact on customers until unless they see something practically. Keeping your products in view, the target market and the audience, we propose a tempting and effective video advertisement for your product. IEACO with professional and experienced/skilled designers can produce a variety of exciting videos to promote your product in Iranian markets for overseas enterprises. Also, promotional teaser, Graphic design, animation, clip intro or even interviews are the services you can use to advertise your product.


A good product deserves a beautiful and eye-catching introduction. Exciting and interesting advertisement is an art that requires professional and skilled designers in this field. Design your advertising components with professionals. Your success in the competitive market depends on how your products are being designed and introduced. Also, proper designing sometimes determines your gaining and losing in sales’ game. Designing services include site, catalog, brochure, logo, brand, an exhibition booth, and so on. Everything will be designed according to the target market for your product. So, then what are you waiting for when IEACO provides such exciting opportunities?

TV Teasers

Currently, the most effective and productive way to advertise your product is TV teasers. A large number of television viewers have made it one of the main players in the field of advertisement. The greater impact of this type of costly advertisement is when it is distributed in an appropriate network at the right times and in the right manner. Creating a professional teaser and streaming it on TV can cause a huge jump in selling your product. Moreover, making TV advertising teasers for your product is only the first step. The final step is to find the right time, the right audience, and the right network to broadcast from the country’s target market TV. Our experts will help you to take these steps with confidence and success.

Printing and Publishing

The good quality of an advertisement alone is not enough, but a good advertisement should reach the audience in right time, place and manner. Just like, advertisement designing is important, publishing it can also affect your sales success. Good advertisement and the right publication are two integral elements, each one without another, certainly not sufficiently effective. Therefore, ensure your sales success with high-quality printing by publishing the right, accurate, and targeted advertisement and get a chance to compete in Iranian international markets. And, if your product promotional content is ready, then what are you waiting for? Start your publishing campaign with us right now.

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